Land Rover – Never Stop Discovering

A journey of discovery into China. Designed to inspire car aficionados this mobile experience consists in a series of mini challenges to celebrate discovery and to showcase the vehicle’s unique versatility and breadth of capability. All the mock-ups were created in English but the final execution was translated into Mandarin.


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Game Intro

Land RoverLand RoverLand Rover


Land RoverLand Rover


Land Rover01.2_CHALLENGELand RoverLand RoverLand RoverLand Rover

In Game Overlays

Land RoverLand RoverLand RoverLand RoverLand RoverLand RoverLand Rover


Training Certificate
Land Rover

User Flow

Land Rover

Creative Team
Creative Director – Steve Bond
Art Director – Mauricio Pommella

About Mauricio Pommella

Husband. Father. Creative Fella. Comic Book Artist. Surfer. Snowboarder. Skateboarder.
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