Yahoo! Pop Quiz

The game Yahoo! Pop Quiz had the purpose to promote the new Yahoo! search. The search service faces heavy competitive pressure from Google and Bing and consumers who use Yahoo! for their homepage content, news, and email primarily do their searches elsewhere. With this game we were able to drive awareness and trial of the improved Yahoo! Search experiences for entertainment and news.

A fast paced music, movies and news trivia challenge. Users had to try to answer as many questions as possible before the buzzer sounds. They could use Yahoo!Search results to help their efforts. The better they perform, the more chances they have to win daily prizes as well as a grand prize. Points were awarded for each correct answer. The goal was to correctly answer as many questions before the buzzer sounds reinforcing the value of the new service as normally people would need to visit Twitter, YouTube, the the artists’ site to find out this info, now they can see how easily it can all be found efficiently through Yahoo!. Users could challenge their friends to beat their score. Individuals could retry the challenge as often as they wanted to improve their score. They could enter each day for the daily prizes, but only one entry for the grand prize.

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Creative Team:
Creative Director – Per Stenius
Art Director – Mauricio Pommella
Senior Designer – Hyungbin Im

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