Binary Noise – Volume 2

Binary Noise Volume 2 is a science fiction story told through three vignettes – In a time when humans thrive throughout the Solar System, two sisters and a sentient being struggle to survive in extreme conditions, trying to trick death and find each other.

Story 1 – Hello Sunshine:
Space immigrants, living and working at the low orbit solar farms around the Sun. A difficult and dangerous job accepted for the good pay and adventure… But how much is enough, when you realize happiness is not there?

Story 2 – Jupiter’s Effect:
An accident in space. A pilot and a sentient machine trapped inside of whatever was left of their spaceship, now caught by Jupiter’s gravitational pull. An exit plan is desperately needed to escape from certain death.

Story 3 – Family Ties:
In the Jovian Moon IO, Katerina a space pilot, and James a sentient machine are catching their breath after a miraculous escape from destruction on planet Jupiter. With a stolen spaceship in their hands they intercept data indicating her young sister is also somewhere on IO. Now pilot and robot embark on a new journey to find little sister’s whereabouts and the reasons leading both sisters to find themselves on the most geologically active object in the Solar System.



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Any similarities to persons living or dead in this story are purely coincidental. The story, characters and incidents in this publication are entirely fictional. No part of this story may be printed or reproduced in any manner whatsoever, whether mechanical or electronic, without the written permission of the author.

Binary Noise Volume 2. Copyright © 2019 Mauricio Pommella. All rights reserved.


Making comics is a labour of love, It requires time, dedication and most of all discipline to complete a story. From conceiving plot and characters to pencils, inking, colouring, lettering and finally publishing is a lot of work, if you appreciate the material above please consider supporting this project. Thank you!


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