BMW Canada – Car Configurator Campaign

This is a banner campaign to promote the new BMW Canada’s Car Configurator. In these short animated banners users would be able to have a glimpse of what can be done in the configurator quickly previewing colors, wheels, interior materials and exploring different car camera angles. Banners would be looping if not having any user interaction but once activated, users gain control and have the opportunity to play a little bit and explore simple car configurations before jumping onto the real and complete Car Configurator Website.



Specific Tools Banners – Preview different aspects of the car, promoting tools available in the car configurator such as wheel, colours and material selectors.





Generic Configurator Banners – Introduce several tools available in the car configurator.




Tracking Shot Banners – Flying camera previews the vehicle in different angles as seen in the car configurator.



Creative Team
Art Director – Mauricio Pommella
Copywriter – Trista Vincent

About Mauricio Pommella

Husband. Father. Creative Fella. Comic Book Artist. Surfer. Snowboarder. Skateboarder.
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