Sasktel Never Alone – Android App

An Android app designed having in mind the lone worker. A safety app to make sure remote workers are never alone. The app provides peace of mind to field workers in many different industries allowing them to quickly call for assistance and revealing their exact location in the event of an emergency.

Imagine a technician operating some sort of maintenance service at the top of a transmission tower in a remote area, that worker will probably be wearing gloves and touch screen accuracy will be compromised. Having this scenario in mind I have designed an Android interface that allows the worker to perform easy Check-ins from time to time without clicking accidentally on the Panic button.

If the regular check-in is done within the established time frame, the head office will be simply informed about the worker’s position. But if a proper check-in is not done or the panic button is activated, a support team will be dispatched immediately to the worker’s last known position.

Home Screen



Check In



Sending a Panic Signal

Sending Panic SignalCHECK INSending Panic SignalSending Panic SignalSending Panic SignalSending Panic Signal



Icon Study

Idea 01Idea 02Idea 04Idea 05Idea 06Idea 07

Final Icon

Idea 08

Creative Team
Creative Director – Gannon Mooney
Art Director – Mauricio Pommella

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