Microsoft Online Services

Microsoft Online Services is Microsoft’s hosted-software offering and a component of their software plus services strategy. Microsoft Online Services are hosted by Microsoft and sold with Microsoft partners. The suite includes Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Office Communications Online, Microsoft Forefront, and Microsoft Office Live Meeting.

Our role here was to redesign their website respecting the current content and bringing a fresh look to a very corporate subject. This probably was one of the last websites that were redesigned not using the METRO visual language recently established by Microsoft. The METRO visual language was put in place many months after this website went live. As you can see here I’m not only showing the mockups but also “red-lines” representing all the necessary values in a page that must be respected by the production team when coding the page.

Home Page

Product Landing Page

Product Detail Page

How To Buy


Media Lightbox


Creative Team:
Associate Creative Director – Mauricio Pommella
Art Director – Hyungbin Im

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