Savings Account – Comic Book

Savings Account is a short comic book created by Juliana Azevedo and I. Inspired by the news about an old woman who robs a bank, we took this as a storytelling exercise inventing a plausible reason for the robbery. The story was featured at TopShelf 2.0 and you can also get a hard copy here.

Any similarities to persons living or dead in this story are purely coincidental. The story, characters and incidents in this publication are entirely fictional. No part of this story may be printed or reproduced in any manner whatsoever, whether mechanical or electronic, without the written permission of the author.

Savings Account. Copyright © 2012 Mauricio Pommella & Juliana Azevedo. All rights reserved.

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Making comics is a labor of love, It requires time, dedication and most of all discipline to complete a story. From conceiving plot and characters to pencils, inking, colouring, lettering and finally publishing is a lot of work, if you appreciate the material above please consider supporting this project. Thank you!


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